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Blake Shelton Joins SNL for Wishin' Boot Music Video

Country singer Blake Shelton was the guest star on SNL last weekend. He joined Aidy Bryant and Kate McKinnon for this funny and catchy country music video called "Wishin' Boot." Read more... January 27, 2015

Comedy Central to Roast Justin Bieber

Comedy Central has announced it will roast Justin Bieber. The date of the Comedy Central Roast of Justin Bieber has not yet been announced. It will be taped in Los Angeles. It is probably a good way for Bieber to prove he can take a joke as many think he cannot. Read more... January 21, 2015

Conan: Dick Poop Oscar Flub Was Just the Beginning

Academy President Cheryl Boone Isaacs made an unfortunate mistake when she was announcing the Oscar nominations this morning with actor Chris Pine. She accidentally referred to British cinematographer Dick Pope as "Dick Poop." This flub is still viraling around the Internet and Twitter. Read more... January 15, 2015

Jerry Seinfeld Talks Useless Garbage on The Tonight Show

Jerry Seinfeld talked about gifts and useless garbage on this clip from The Tonight Show. The clip aired just before the holidays. Some of us are now left with more unwanted things after the holidays. Read more... January 3, 2015

Steve Carell Joins Ragtime Gals for Sexual Healing Performance on Tonight Show

Steve Carell joined The Ragtime Gals for a performance of "Sexual Healing" on The Tonight Show. They sound great. The combination of a barbershop quartet and Marvin Gaye's song worked quite well. Read more... December 11, 2014

Nick Offerman Sings My Tales of Whisky

Nick Offerman sings My Tales of Whisky in this music video from Elite Daily. The video is a promo for an upcoming series. Offerman sings in a bar and in a boat. He sings about things that you can't do while drinking whisky, which include singing, woodworking and riding horses. Read more... December 9, 2014

Jimmy Kimmel Has Parents Tell Kids They Ate All Their Halloween Candy Again

Halloween is a fun holiday for kids. They get to dress up as ghost, super heroes and Frozen characters and go around collecting candy. Jimmy Fallon has been ruining kids for the past few years by getting parents to tell their kids they ate all their Halloween candy. Read more... November 4, 2014

Christina Bianco Sings Forget You in 25 Different Voices

Christina Bianco excels at singing in the voices of others. Here she sings Cee Lo Green's hit "Forget You" in the voices of 25 different people. She also has a good voice of her own. Read more... October 27, 2014

Lance Bass is Big Mouth Lance Bass on Tonight Show

Singer Lance Bass became Big Mouth Lance Bass on a skit on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. The Big Mouth Lance Bass was placed above a mantel much like the Big Mouth Billy Bass talking fish. Lance did a good job as the fish once he stopped laughing at how ridiculous the concept was. He sounds better than the actual Billy Bass. Read more... June 2, 2014

Funny or Die Creates Spoof Trailer for Sofia Coppola's The Little Mermaid

News broke in March that Sofia Coppola will be directing a live-action version of The Little Mermaid. Funny or Die decided to create a spoof trailer for the upcoming film. The film stars AnnaSophia Robb (as the mermaid) and Evan Peters. Read more... May 12, 2014

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