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Conan O'Brien Does the String Dance in K-pop Music Video

Conan O'Brien and Steven Yeun (The Walking Dead) star in this music video for J.Y. Park's "Fire." JYP is a singer and record producer. He also founded JYP Entertainment. The "Fire" music video also stars the K-pop groups the Wonder Girls and Twice. Read more... April 21, 2016

Stephen Colbert Bids Farewell to Ben Carson

Tribue Ben Carson gets a Hunger Games sendoff in this latest entry from Stephen Colbert's Hungry for Power Games segment. Ben Carson did outlast Jeb Bush but decided to drop out after failing to win any states. Read more... March 9, 2016

Donald Trump Says Jeb Bush Threatened to Moon Everyone at GOP Debate

There were many highlights from the latest GOP Debate. One of funniest moments had to do with Jeb Bush mooning everyone. Donald Trump pointed out a recent threat by Jeb Bush to "moon everybody" at the GOP Debate on CBS. Read more... February 13, 2016

Stephen Colbert Makes a Ben Carson Entrance on The Late Show

By now everyone has seen clips of the disastrous start to the recent Republican debate. At the start of the debate Ben Carson failed to make it all the podium after his name was called. He stopped in the entry way and wouldn't budge causing a comical start to the debate. Read more... February 10, 2016

Jeb Bush Gets Version of USA Freedom Kids on Jimmy Kimmel

A group of little girls called The USA Freedom Kids performed a song for Donald Trump at a recent Trump rally. Jimmy Kimmel decided Jeb Bush needs some support so he had a group named the umber One America Liberty Children perform a song supporting Bush. Read more... January 21, 2016

Donald Trump Calls Ben Carson a Total Loser in SNL Promo

Donald Trump took a shot at Ben Carson in an SNL promo uploaded to YouTube. Trump is hosting the show this weekend. In a one of his short promos, Trump says "Ben Carson is a complete and total loser." Read more... November 4, 2015

Bill Hader Stars in iPhone 6s Prince Oseph Commercial

Bill Hader stars in a new Apple commercial. The ad is for the iPhone 6s. Hader is having Siri read him his unread emails. One of them is from Prince Oseph. Read more... October 31, 2015

Stephen Colbert Gives Webb and Chafee a Power Games Sendoff

Stephen Colbert returned to his hilarious Hungry for Power Games skit last night on The Late Show. This time is was two candidates from District Democrat getting a Hungry for Power Games send off. They are Jim Webb and Lincoln Chafee. Read more... October 27, 2015

Stephen Colbert Tackles Robotic Dummy

Stephen Colbert tackled a robotic dummy called the Robotic MPV, called the Mobile Virtual Player. Buddy Teevens, head football coach of Dartmouth College, came on The Late Show to explain the robot. Read more... October 12, 2015

Conan Shares Faux Trailer for Michael Dell Biopic

Conan O'Brien shared this trailer for a faux biopic about Dell founder Michael Dell. The trailer spoofs the upcoming Steve Jobs film. Read more... October 9, 2015

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